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We will have in shop classes again in the fall according to state guidlines.


Annual Block of the month begins in august

Private Sewing Group

Sign up for a session to learn basic embroidery skills in our university. Free with a purchase of a Janome Embroidery machine from Annie's or class fee.

Cost: $ 20.00
Girl's Day Out -requires a previous attendance to this class - if you've never attended we can put you on a waiting list for next year.

Lecture class for Illusions - After class you are welcome to stay and sew til 4:30pm

Sew with like minded Embroiderers on Janome Machines. Not a class, just a chance to finish embroidery projects and ask questions if needed.

Melanie Castle, Judy Nemeyer- Carnival Flower

Cost: $ 300.00
Melanie Castle, Judy Niemeyer- Cinnamon Sticks

Cost: $ 300.00
Friday class is an open sew pattern class. There are two sessions, the first six months January - June; the second session is five months July - November. You can sign up for one or both sessions.

Cost: $ 150.00
Wednesday classes will be Open Pattern Sew Class. There will be four sessions; the first three sessions consisting of 3 months each and the last session consisting of 2 months.

Cost: $ 94.00
Melanie Castle, Judy Niemeyer Club

Cost: $ 180.00
Janome Customer Appreciation Event with Kimberly Einmo!

Cost: $ 84.99
If you signed up for this BOM, this class is free.

Get a chance to meet Kimberly Einmo, National Spokeswoman for Janome, live and in person!

Cost: $ 10.00
This is free class for our customers who have purchased the Quiltmaker Pro from us and for customers thinking of making the purchase. In November we had to change the format due to the Rust Barn Quilt Show. Please sign up for a half hour slot for one on one questions with Annie.

Jump into the world of Jacqueline de Jonge's paper piecing!

Cost: $ 49.99
A 6 month scrapbuster BOM.