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Annie: “I was in the Machine Sales Center just before the murder, but I was murdered in the Pre-Owned Room”

Janice: “I was in the Machine Tech room before the murder, but then I left.”

Regon: “I went from Counter 2 to the side of the shoppe with the Classroom during the time of the murder”

Emily: “I've been working on a ANOTHER handwork project for Annie, so I just stayed at counter 1 at the time of the murder”

Amber: “I was in the Machine Sales Center just before the murder, but I left to go to Counter 2 & Aisle 2 to film a tiktok”

Beth: “Did you know Janice is a WITCH?!”

Tammy: “I won the Shelton spelling bee in 4th, 5th, and 6th Annie keeps asking me to spell check her texts... Some of them were about me!”

Coco: “During the time of the murder, I was in the office, but left to go to the Classroom”


Annie: “I think I was selling a machine before I was murdered”

Janice: “I can't find my broom so I can't go flying”

Regon: “I love birds! I go birding all the time!”

Emily: “I LOVE the Janome 6700P, but the Bernina machines honestly scare me a little”

Amber: “I was filming a tik tok and in the background I saw a screwdriver covered in pink juice”

Beth: “I was putting away fabric in Aisle 1 during the murder”

Tammy: “I just stayed in Aisle 2 during the murder”

Coco: “Annie kept moving my organizational piles was i supposed to file anything in this mess??”