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Annie's Long Arm Quilting

Annie's is happy to offer Long Arm Quilting Services at our shoppe! 

  • Edge to Edge Quilting: $0.018 per square inch
    Custom Quilting: Base price of $0.04 per square inch (pattern difficulty may be an additional cost) also, there will be a longer turnaround time
    Trimming After Quilting: $10.00
    Piecing Backing or Batting: $10.00 per seam
    Binding Services(contracted out): $0.016 per inch
    Minimum Charge Regardless of Size: $65.00
    Before Bringing in Your Quilt:
    Please call us as we have a waiting list; we are always about 10 to 12 weeks out for quilting, we'll put your name on a waiting list and call you when it's your turn to bring your quilt to us.   
  • Are your backing AND your batting at least 6" longer all the way around your quilt? For example, if your quilt is 100"x100", your backing and batting should be 112"x112"
  • Please use a High-Quality batting, such as Dream batting. We carry this at the shoppe, so you can pick up your batting when dropping off your quilt if need be.
  • Please DO NOT pin your quilt top, batting, and backing together: we will do this later.
  • Please ensure your backing pieces are square; if you need help with this, please ask
  • If you are using minky for your backing, please remember the selvage of the minky will run vertically down your quilt; if you have to piece it, please ask us for help, which will ensure your quilt doesn’t shrivel up
  • If you are unable to piece your own backing, we can do this for you for $10.00 per seam
  • Please avoid sheets for your backing, it is difficult to get nice stitches on any machine when stitching through that weave
  • We are happy to trim your quilts for you for $10.00, however, it may add a day or two to the length of time it takes for your quilt to be ready to pick up
  • We also offer binding services at an additional cost. We have two customers that bind quilts and it usually takes an extra week or so to have them completed. Please bring your binding when you drop off your quilt if you would like that service. The binding price is $0.016 per inch.
Questions? Please Contact Us!