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550E Embroidery Machine

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The Memory Craft 550E is Janome’s largest stand-alone embroidery machine! With the inclusion of the new RE36b hoop, the embroidery field is 7.9" x 14.2"! The 550E comes with 180 pre-loaded embroidery designs, so you can begin embroidering as soon as you take it home! These designs include classics, floral alphabets, in-the-hoop monsters, Sashiko designs, and 6 fonts! The 550E also includes an extra-wide extension table and four embroidery hoops: RE36b (7.9" x 14.2" with magnetic clips), SQ20b (7.9" x 7.9"), RE20b (5.5" x 7.9"), SQ14b (5.5" x 5.5")!