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Stitchin Hope


Transform your unused stash into instruments of Hope, Care and Healing.

 “Stitchin Hope” is our grass roots initiative to reach out to those people in need and simply let them know we care about them through quilts, dresses and other handcrafted products.  In today’s world there’s so much suffering, it can be overwhelming and sometimes desensitizing. Our goal for “Stitchin Hope” is to re-establish that “human connection” through the simple act of giving. 

How Does the Program Work?

There are two ways you can help….

  1. Donate your unused stash to “Stitchin Hope”
  2. Choose to donate your time and make a project for our current Stitchin Hope charities

Stash Donations:

By donating your unwanted stash, you are transforming unwanted items into instruments for change!  Annie’s will take your donated fabric and give it to our team of quilters who are making projects for:

Project Linus -
Turning Pointe

Little Dresses for Africa

These quilted gifts will be loved and appreciated by each of these charities…and just imagine the smiling faces of the gift recipients, seeing these beautiful handcrafted items made especially for them.  It says we are thinking of you…we are praying for you…and we care about you!

Donation Requirements: 
  • 100% Cotton Fabric only, ( flannel or flat cotton)
  • Fabric pieces must be a minimum of 1 yard cuts.
  • Fabric must be washed and pressed.

 Make a Project:

Pick one of our FREE patterns and we’ll give you a yard of donated fabric to make your project with. Projects can be the following:

Project Complete…What’s Next?
  1. Return your project to Annie’s Quilt Shoppe and we’ll donate it on your behalf to one of our preferred charities for you.
  2. Or you can donate directly by simply contacting your local charity chapter…
a)      Project Linus
b)      Little Dresses for Africa…
c)      Turning Point…

We sincerely hope you will consider donating your time or unwanted stash to Stitchin’ Hope.  Your actions can truly make a meaningful and positive impact to a person in need!